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Michael BerrymanMichael Berryman played Pluto in Wes Craven's 1977 horror film The Hills Have Eyes and the 1985 sequel The Hills Have Eyes Part II. He has also made appearances in the science fiction and fantasy movies My Science Project (1985), Weird Science (1985), Armed Response (1986), Evil Spirits (1990), The Guyver (1991) and "Brutal" (2007). He appeared in the Academy Award-winning drama One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975).

Berryman has made a career out of portraying mutant bikers, evil undertakers, monsters and other frightening characters. He had a role in The Crow (1994) as "The Skull Cowboy", Eric Draven's guide to the land of the living. Berryman's scenes were cut from the original theatrical release, but can be found on some DVD releases under "Deleted Scenes".

He has appeared in episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and The X-Files. He appeared in the 1985 Mötley Crüe video for "Smokin' In the Boys Room", as well as the introduction to the band's song "Home Sweet Home". He also portrayed the devil in two episodes of "Highway To Heaven": "The Devil and Jonathan Smith" (1985) and "I Was a Middle-Aged Werewolf" (1987).

More recently Berryman starred in the British-Canadian horror film Below Zero (2012), directed by Justin Thomas Orstensen

Richard HatchFor all you thespians out their Jet City is excited to announce we will be hosting an acting class with internationally renowned Actor, Director, Author and Teacher, Richard Hatch


This will take place after the convention at the convention center in room 407

Get more details at: www.jetcitycomicshow.com/programming/acting-class.html

Jet City is excited about announcing first time guest Bryan J.L. Glass

Harvey Award-winning writer/co-creator of THE MICE TEMPLAR from Image Comics; author of QUIXOTE: A NOVEL; writer of THOR: FIRST THUNDER and VALKYRIE, adaptor of Raymond E. Feist's MAGICIAN and Cirque´ du Soleil's KA´ from Marvel Comics; as well as 86 VOLTZ: The Dead Girl and SHIP OF FOOLS from Image Comics, and SPANDEX TIGHTS from Lost Cause Productions!

Bryan J.L. Glass will be hosted by Nerdy Stuffs and found at their booth at the show.

Making his debut at JCCS Christopher Sebela iis an Eisner-nominated writer who has worked with Monkeybrain Comics, Boom! Studios, Dark Horse, Image, Valiant, Oni Press, IDW and Marvel.

His previous works include Screamland: Death of the Party, co-writing stints on Captain Marvel and Fantastic Four as well as stories in Dark Horse Presents, In the Dark and Shadowman. Currently, he's writing the two time Eisner-nominated digital comic High Crimes, Dead Letters, Ghost and Alien Vs. Predator. Coming up, he'll be writing the new Escape From New York series, debuting in December.

bob smithThis will be Bob Smith's first appearance at Jet City Comic Show. Bob, a Washington native, began working in mainstream comics shortly after moving to New York in 1975, working on DC Comics’s Plastic Man and continued to work at DC Comics until 2001 inking numerous titles including Star Trek, Secrets of Haunted House, The Huntress, Detective Comics and Black Canary.

Beginning in 1998 Bob began inking a variety of titles at Archie Comics, collaborating with industry legend Stan Goldberg the majority of the time, while also inking the Daily and Sunday Strips for ARCHIE COMICS.

Get ready to party like it's 1978!

Blue Mouse Theatre will be teaming up with Jet City Comic Show once again on Friday, November 7th at 7pm for RETRO NIGHT AT THE MOVIES with a screening of the 1978 theatrical film Battlestar Galactica, the movie that started it all!

This ONE NIGHT ONLY event will include:

* The two lead actors from the film, Richard "Apollo" Hatch and Dirk "Starbuck" Benedict, in attendance for a pre-film Q&A

* A costume contest with prizes for those wearing the best 1970s fashion (polyester and bell-bottoms are back, baby!)

* A raffle ticket to be entered into drawings for groovy prizes (including lunch with Richard and Dirk) for every non-perishable food item you bring to benefit FISH Food Banks

* A special post-film screening of the 20 minute trailer for the upcoming fanmade film Star Trek: Axanar, with introduction and discussion from one of the film's stars, Richard Hatch who plays the Klingon Kharn

All the funky details to come!

Tickets are only $20 and go on sale Friday, September 12th. Tickets will be available online and at the The Blue Mouse Theatre box office. Online Tickets will be for will call at the door the night of the showing.

We’re sad to say that Joe Rubenstein has had to cancel his appearance at the 2014 Jet City Comic Show but he will be here for our 2015 show.

Ed PiskorEd Piskor joins this year's line up for Jet City Comics Show for the very first time and is co-sponsored by Fantagraphics Books Inc.

Ed Piskor has been cartooning professionally in print form since 2005, starting off drawing American Splendor comics written by Harvey Pekar. The duo continued working together on 2 graphic novels, Macedonia, and The Beats. Ed began self publishing Wizzywig after developing a huge interest in the history of Hacking and Phone Phreaking. 3 volumes, making up 3/4 of the full story, have been published to date.

Ed's Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 1 and 2 by Fantagraphics will have a collected edition of both volumes in 2014.

Most recently Ed has designed the characters for the new Adult Swim series, Mongo Wrestling Alliance.

Steve Lieber has been published by DC Comics, Marvel, Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics Carus, Oni Press, Dupuis and many others. He’s worked on characters and properties like Batman, Superman, Hellboy, Star Trek and Road to Perdition, but is best known as the artist of the graphic novel Whiteout and its Eisner-winning sequel, Whiteout: Melt.

Whiteout was adapted into a feature film by Warner Brothers.

Steve's lastest work Alabaster was published by Dark Horse Comics and in 2013-2104 you’ll find his artwork on Superior Foes of Spider-Man at Marvel Comics.

The Last UnicornWe’re excited to be working with the Blue Mouse Theatre for 3 screenings of The Last Unicorn with a Q&A with Author/Screenwriter Peter S. Beagle.


Showing On Saturday November 8th at 6pm • 9pm • Midnight 


Tickets are $15 per showing


A portion of proceeds going to Northwest Spay and Neuter Center (located in Tacoma)


Hurry though as there are only 200 seats available for each showing.


Tickets are Now on Sale!

Go to: www.jetcitycomicshow.com/events.html

Or at the Blue Mouse Theatre Box Office

Emi LenoxEmi is a Portland based comic creator widely known for EmiTown, which has been released into two printed collections by Image Comics in Dec. '10 and in March '12. She has also worked on Mike Allred's Madman, Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth, Glory, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's Liberty Annual '13, and more.

Emi is currently working on a project with Oni Press, pages for Nowhere Men, and several personal projects.

She has done work for Image Comics, DC Comics, Vertigo Comics, Nickelodeon, Oni Press, and others.


Making his first appearance at Jet City Comic Show and first appearance in Washington State since 1999, we're incredibly happy to announce actor Richard Hatch.

Richard Hatch is best remembered for his portrayal of "Apollo" on the series, Battlestar Galactica – who’s character was best friends with our other celeb guest Dirk Benedict’s “Starbuck”. Richard also had a recurring role on the re-launch of Battlestar Galactica as “Zarek”, he was the only actor from the original to appear on the remake.

Richard Hatch was studying classical piano at the age of eight, and knew he wanted to carve out a career as a performer before he reached his teens. After attending Harbor College in San Pedro, he joined a Los Angeles repertory company with which he traveled to New York City in 1967. He performed in the plays "Song of Walt Whitman", "Young Rebels" and a production called "Exercise", which Richard directed. Richard was cast as the original "Philip Brent" in the soap All My Children in 1970. He later played "Inspector Dan Robbins" on the television series The Streets of San Francisco (1972).

More recently Hatch appeared in the web series The Silicon Assassin Project. In 2013, he ventured into the Steampunk genre, starring in the short film Cowboys & Engines alongside Malcolm McDowell and Walter Koenig. In 2014 he played the Klingon Commander Kharn in the Star Trek fan film Prelude To Axanar and will appear in the subsequent fan production Star Trek: Axanar in 2015.

We are excited to announce that Megan Kelso, will make her first appearance to Jet City Comics show this year!

Kelso started working in the 1990s, with the minicomic Girlhero , which won her aXeric Foundation grant in 1993. She has since published several other projects including Queen of the Black Black and The Squirrel Mother. She was the editor of the female cartoonist anthology, Scherherazade: Stories of Love, Treachery, Mothers, and Monsters (published by Soft Skull Press). Among many other publications, Kelso had a story (which she co-created with Ron Rege) in SPX 2004.

She received two Ignatz Awards in 2002, for Outstanding Artist (for Artichoke Tales #1 and her story in Non #5) and Outstanding Minicomic (for Artichoke Tales #1).

From April 1 to September 9, 2007, Kelso published a weekly comic strip in The New York Times Magazine titled Watergate Sue. She is currently completing her Artichoke Tales graphic novel for Fantagraphics Books Inc.

Visit her website http://www.girlhero.com/

Peter BaggeBy common consensus, Peter Bagge is the funniest cartoonist of his generation, and is probably best known for the ’90s comic book series Hate, which followed the exploits of the slacker ne’er-do-well Buddy Bradley (and managed to show probably the truest representation of Seattle during the “grunge” boom and bust). Jet city comic show is excited to welcome Peter to this year's show!

Bagge has had his works published in MAD Magazine, as well as working for many comic book publishers such as Fantagraphics Books Inc., Vertigo Comics and Dark Horse Comics.

Dirk BenedictWe’re excited to announce our first media guest for this years show, actor Dirk Benedict!


Dirk is a probably best known for playing ”Templeton ‘Faceman’ Peck” on the 80’s television hit the A-Team in addition to playing “Starbuck” in the original Battlestar Galactica series. 


He’s also had guest roles on  Charle’s Angels, The Love Boat, Baywatch and The Commish as well as a role in the 1973 cult horror film Sssssss.


Dirk also has some Northwest roots. He was born and raised in nearby Montana (still lives there today) and attended college in Walla Walla, WA as well as performing in the repertory theatre in Seattle before moving onto Hollywood.


You can check out our complete guest list, as well as more information on Dirk at:



This is Paul’s first appearance on the West Coast in around 10 years and we’re super excited to have a fabulous artist like him. Paul began working in the comic book industry in the early 80’s. He’s credited at co-creator on D.P. 7 as part of Marvels New Universe imprint but he’s probably best known for his 58-issue run on the Fantastic Four. He’s also the only artist to illustrate both the wedding of Spider-Man and Mary Jane (The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21) and Superman to Lois Lane (Superman: The Wedding Album).

Since 2005 Paul has been illustrating the Phantom comic strip for King Feature Syndicate doing the Monday through Saturday strips and on occasion working on the Sunday strip as well.

Jamal IgleWe’re pleased to announce that Jamal Igle as a first time guest to Jet City Comic Show. Jamal most recently was the penciller on the New 52 relaunch of The Ray for DC Comics and is currently working on his creator-owned comic Molly Danger (an all-ages adventure).

Jamal has began working in the comic book industry in 1993 and is known for working on the New Warriors, Supergirl, Firestorm and Nightwing. He was also the recipient of the Inkpot Award for Achievement in Comic Art at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Tim SeeleyJet City Comic Show is proud to announce that Tim Seeley will be attending this years show for the first time! Thanks to one of our show's sponsors Nerdy Stuffs.

Tim Seeley is a New York Times Bestselling author, and comic book artist. Tim Seeley wrote Image Comics Revival along with Mike Norton, and is the creator of the horror hit Hack/Slash.

Tim's other writing credits include Dark Horse Comics The Occultist, as well as co-writing DC Comics upcoming series Batman Eternal.

Brian ChurillaWe’re happy to announce the return of Brian Churilla to Jet City Comic Show!
Brian was a guest at our very first show (back when we were in Seattle) and now he’s coming to Tacoma.

Brian Churilla is a comic book writer, artist and colorist who lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, son and daughter. He is the creator of the critically-acclaimed comic book series, "The Secret History of D.B. Cooper" from Oni Press.

He's also worked on Black Acre, The Avengers and the Infinity Gauntlet, The Engineer, The Anchor, Creepy, Rex Mundi, Popgun and We Kill Monsters


Joe Rubinstein
This will be Joe’s first time to Jet City Comic Show, he’s worked as an inker in the comic book industry for over 30 years and on more than 2,500 comic books. He’s worked withMichael Golden on Micronauts, Jim Starlin's Warlock, Aquaman with Don Newton and the original Wolverine mini-series with Frank Miller. Later assignments included a mini-series for Dark Horse Comics called Archenemies, and co-inked issues of DC Comics's Ion mini-series

He currently inks the ongoing series The Fantastic Four and Secret Avengers.

Matthew Clark
Matthew has been a great friend of the show since the beginning (in fact we believe he was our first announced guest ever). Matthew had a 5 year exclusive run at DC Comics working Outsiders, Crime Bible: The Five Lessons of Blood, Final Crisis: Submit, Supergirl, and Tangent: Superman's Reign. Matthew is currently working on the latest version of the Doom Patrol. Then he went on to work on Punisher and Ghost Rider at Marvel Comics.

Most recently you can find his work on the Mass Effect comic book at Dark Horse Comics

Matthew Southworth
Matthew returns to JCCS after taking last year off.
Matt is known for his work on The Amazing Spider-Man, Infinity, Inc, Savage Dragon, and his work with Greg Rucka on Stumptown. But make sure to check out his recent graphic novel Day for Night.

Pete Woods
Pete returns for another round of JCCS after having a great time this year at his first show with us… him and his family loved the Tacoma show.

Pete is the artist of NYT Bestsellers SUPERMAN: THE BLACK RING and SUPERMAN: NEW KRYPTON. He and writer Joe Kelly received a Harvey Award nomination for “Best Single Issue or Story” for their work on DEADPOOL issue 11.

Pete is currently working on the new Terminator series at Dark Horse Comics.

Alright folks we now have our applications ready for 2014 show which will be on Saturday, November 8th.

We sold out about two months before the show this year, other than some late cancellations, so expect it to sell out a little sooner.

You can download the application from:

Brian will be back running sales of booths and artist alley and James will be handling sponsorships/advertising. Of course you can ask either of us questions.

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