Venator Supernatural Replica Car

Venator Impala – Supernatural Replica

Replica Show Car

Venator is Latin for “Hunter”.  She is a 1967 Impala restored and built as a screen accurate version of “Baby” from the show television Supernatural. She is complete with a full weapons trunk for fans to check out- right down the Army man in the ashtray!

Guests are able to pose WITH selected props in front of the weapons trunk and also actually sit in the DRIVERS SEAT for a photo.  Photo access with props is a donation and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the “ImAlive” foundation.  ImAlive is a crisis support network ( and is part of the SPN family and fandom.

When Venator is not at shows, she resides on the Kitsap Peninsula in the shadow of the Olympic Mountains tuned and ready for the next “Hunt”.

Venator Supernatural Replica Car