Peter Bagge

Comic Book Guest

Unfortunately Peter Bagge had a conflict in his schedule and is unable to attend JCCS 2018

Alternative comic creator Peter Bagge is best known for the ’90s comic series HATE, featuring the semi-autobiographical anti-hero Buddy Bradley, and whose adventures have been collected in two volumes: BUDDY DOES SEATLE and BUDDY DOES JERSEY, both from Fantagraphics.

Bagge has also created three graphic novels: RESET, APOCALYPSE NERD (Dark Horse), OTHER LIVES (DC/Vertigo). The journalistic strips Bagge has done for REASON Magazine has also been collected into a book entitled EVERYBODY IS STUPID EXCEPT FOR ME (Fantagraphics).

More recently, Bagge has written and drawn two full length biographical comics, WOMAN REBEL: THE MARGARET SANGER STORY and more recently FIRE!!: THE ZORA NEALE HURSTON STORY (both Drawn and Quarterly), as well as a collection of short biographical strips entitled FOUNDING FATHERS FUNNIES (Dark Horse) in early 2016.

Peter Bagge lives in Tacoma, WA, with his wife Joanne and two darn cats.

Peter Bagge at Jet City Comic Show 2018