Matthew Clark at Jet City Comic Show 2018

Matthew Clark

Comic Book Guest

Located at AA-094

Matthew Clark is a comic book artist from Oregon. Clark started his career in earnest in 1997 working at the art studio Studiosaurus, doing the grunt work for several artist drawing backgrounds and inking them. In 1999, Matthew became the regular artist on DCs Wonder Woman. For a year he drew princess Diana adventures. Following that with Felon from Top Cow with future, multiple times, collaborator Greg Rucka. They worked on several projects together over the years.

Over the years Clark has virtually draw most of the main DC characters and titles, with some of the best writers working in comics. Greg Rucka, Geoff Johns, Kurt Busiek, Mark Millar, Grant Morrison and many others. Matthews work can be seen in such titles as Adventures of Superman, Wonder Woman, Teen Titans, Superman/Batman, Outsiders, one shots and annuals. Recently Clark has worked on Kurt Busiek’s Astro City, Green Arrow and Justice League.

When not working on pages or doing conventions, he can be seen playing, possibly to much, Mass Effect video game series. An avid Star Trek fan and general nerd, doing his best in a world he didn’t draw.

Matthew Clark at Jet City Comic Show 2018