Costume Contest

Saturday, November 4, 2017
Lobby of Exhibition Hall.

1:30pm – Kids 12 and Under
5:15pm – Adults 13 and Over


Best Overall Show


Adult Contest Prizes:
Prizes to be Announced


Kids Contest Prizes:
Prizes to be Announced


Hosted by: TBA


Judges: TBA


Adults Sign up at the show before 1pm at booth #802.
Pre-Judging Begins at 3pm


We want YOU to show us your stuff! Super Heroes, Game Of Thrones, Dr. Who, Supernatural, Robin Hood, Disney.


Have a great Spider-Man ensemble? Come show off!


However, we do have rules.


At least 60% of the costume needs to be made, built, or created by you.


This includes:
 Sewing, Building weaponry/armour, painting, crafting. You can take pre-made clothing items and alter them, (Example: Altering a bodysuit to suit your character, purchasing pre-made boots but making a gown from scratch. Purchasing a pre-made wig but making an entire armour out of craft foam/foam mats/worbla and fabric).


You will be judged on Talent. Are you alive and “On” for the audience?
How much do you ‘resemble’ the character (This has nothing to do with facial structure, and everything to do with if we can figure out who you are trying to be? Example: Showing up in a t-shirt and jeans and saying “I’m Spider-Man” doesn’t qualify)


Age Range:

12-Under: Walk on stage and show off your costume or cute outfit!  (We’re a lot more lenient for kid’s costumes but we do prefer if you’re actually in a costume!)


13-Adult: Show us what you have, Pre-Judging will be earlier in the day and signup sheets will end AT NOON, prior to Pre-Judging. You are required to show up for Pre-Judging at 3pm, or else you will not be called to stage during the presentation portion.


Judging is based on

Attire/Portrayal of Character:
Presentation: 25%

Judging is graded on a scale of 1-5
1 – Not meeting expectations, doesn’t represent the character, wasn’t made
2 – Quality isn’t met, character is there but it lacks ______
3 – Decent quality, meets expectations, lacking in ____
4 – Exceeds Expectations, costume/performance is extremely well executed, could use _____
5 – Flawless performance, handmade costume, effort is shown


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: “I have a group, can we enter together?” 
A: Yes! We love groups!


Q: “Can I jump off the stage? Use fireworks/smoke/other materials that could be deemed dangerous?”
A: No. We don’t want anyone getting hurt, and we highly frown upon people jumping off the stage. Please use the exits to the left/right of the stage!


Q: “Can I come on stage with my kid? They’re shy.”
A: That’s totally acceptable. We also have a host who will help your child feel safe and comfortable and show off their costume as well!


Q: “I didn’t make 60% of my costume, can I still enter?”
A: If you want to show it off, that’s OK, but you most likely won’t win a prize.


Q: “Do I have to show up at pre-judging?”
A: Yes. This is super important so when the show starts it runs smoothly! 🙂


Q: “I’d like to volunteer/assist with next year, how can I do that?”
A: Email with the subject JET CITY COSTUME CONTEST Volunteer! If you’d like to volunteer in general, reach out to the general email found on the website.


Click Below to See Pictures from Past Costume Contests:



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