Setup Info

The Jet City Comic Show takes place in the Exhibition Hall on the 5th floor of the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center in downtown Tacoma. The address is as follows:

The Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center
1500 Broadway
Tacoma, WA 98402

More details instructions on how to get to The Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center can be found on the Location page.

Everyone will have the option of setting up their booth on Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday morning. Breakdown for the show begins at 5pm on Sunday, after the show is done.

Friday Load In Time: 1pm-8pm

Saturday Load In Time: 6am-10am

Loading Dock: The Convention Center has their loading docks on the 5th Level where there’s temporary parking for up to 40 vehicles. The entrance is on the back of the Convention Center on Market Street. Once you have your vehicle unloaded you must move it out of the loading area so we can fit in any vehicles in waiting. Then, you can setup your booth.

Lighter Loads (most specifically artist alley): If there isn’t a spot open in the loading bay there are other options, though it’s best for lighter loads and artist alley.

Parking Garage Lot A has a direct entrance to the 2nd Floor of the Convention Center and where there are some standard elevators to take you up to the Exhibition Hall on the 5th Floor – they are not freight elevators, the center staff may not allow you to use them with large/heavy comic book loads.

On Commerce Street in front of the Convention Center there’s a temporary pull out for unloading for the 1st Floor. You can then take the elevator up to the 5th. But you will have to move your vehicle quickly (so this would be best for a two person operation) as it’s really just a place to drop off people.

The Exhibitor Registration Booth will be located in the front lobby, next to Ticket Sales. Please pick up your packets as soon as you arrive. Additional Badges will be available for purchase on site for $15.00 each.

The GTCTC’s parking lots accommodate a total of 400 parking spaces.  The parking lots can be accessed off of Market & 17th Street. 

Please note, VAN ACCESSIBLE parking is available in PARKING LOT A in the garage. Onsite parking lots are operated by Republic Parking, and managed by the City of Tacoma.

Additional parking is available at the Tacoma Dome Station, which can be accessed via Sound Transit’s light rail system (complimentary), with a pick-up and drop-off station at the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center.

Tables:  We don’t have skirted tables as we try to keep the costs down for all of you, so please bring your own tablecloths if needed.

Hand Trucks/Carts: Make sure you bring your own carts and hand trucks, if you have them, as the Convention Center has only a small amount of those on hand.

Concessions: The concessions stand in the Exhibition Hall will open at 9:30am and close at 4:30pm each day.


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