Clayton Crain at Jet City Comic Show 2019

Welcome Clayton Crain back to Jet City Comic Show 2019!

Clayton Crain has been illustrating comic books professionally since 1998, when he worked on ShadowMan for Acclaim Comics. From there Clayton began working for Todd McFarlane Production working on Curse of Spawn and Kiss: Psycho Circus. In 2003 Crain began digitally painting for Marvel Comics working on titles such as Venom vs Carnage, Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation, X-Force Vol 3, Rai and Savior.

Clayton Crain is currently a cover artist, for Marvel, DC and Valiant, mixing Traditional Painting and Digital Painting, on Covers: The Punisher, Infinity Countdown, Ninjak, JLA, Venom, Ghost-Rider, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers.